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Most homebuilders install white, ivory or tan windows during construction. They’re neutral and what is offered standard by most manufacturers. However, if you’re replacing your windows, you may want to choose something other than a standard vinyl window color to  improve your home’s curb appeal. But, what is the right one for your home?

Start by Choosing Your Interior Color

Although most homeowners think of white as the color they want for an interior window frame and sash, that’s not the only option. Most window manufacturers offer two or three interior colors standard and many more upgrade options. If you know you want to stick with white, then you’re ready to consider your exterior vinyl window color. If you want black or another color, your options are more limited unless you want to pay for upgrades or custom colors.

Know Your Budget, Energy Efficiency Goals & Preferences

Different manufacturers offer various window lines. Those lines typically have different price points. The options within those lines vary. Once you choose a brand and window line, you’ll know what options for the exterior vinyl window color you have. Although every manufacturer offers different options, most have about ten standard exterior colors which meet the needs of most homeowners.

Black Replacement Windows

Black replacement windows are a popular option. However, they’re not the right option for every home or family. We think they look best on contemporary, industrial or farmhouse style homes. If you’re considering black replacement windows, understand that some manufacturers only offer black vinyl window color for both the interior and exterior. Not everyone wants black widow frames inside their home. Know what the window lines you’re considering offer so you’re not surprised when your window company shows up to install your new windows.

So How Do You Choose Your Exterior Vinyl Window Color?

Start with the elements already on your home’s exterior. If you have a lot of earth tones, you likely want to choose a vinyl window color that’s tan, ivory, or brown. A white or grey home looks best with white, black, or grey windows. Of course, if you are not replacing your window trim, you may want to choose something that matches or compliments that. Your windows can either be a focal point on your home or blend into your siding. Neither option is right, it’s again, a matter of personal preference.

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