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don't make these insurance claims mistakes>With so many homeowners calling us with storm damage insurance claims, we want to make sure you don’t make some of these common mistakes that could cost you. The rain and wind that came through Winston-Salem and Greensboro areas and damaged your home may be covered under more than just your homeowner’s insurance.

Document Everything

As you and your insurance company discuss the claim, be sure to document everything. Ask for their report in writing. Then when your roofing company comes out to inspect the damage, they’ll know what your adjustor said. If they don’t agree, they can let you know and detail the additional storm damage they found. Most roofing companies will agree to meet with your adjustor on your behalf to get your claim settled fairly.

Storm damage insurance claims roof repair and replacement needs to be documented by your roofing company too. Make sure yours provides you with details of what they did and proof you paid your deductible. This can also benefit you if you sell your home in the near future. Your buyer may want proof a reputable roofing company completed the repair.

Ask About Your Warranty

If you have a new roof and the only damage to your home is from the wind, ask your roofing company about your new shingles’ wind warranty. If the wind gusts were within the limits guaranteed by the shingles and the shingles were properly installed, you may have a claim against the manufacturer. This may save you the cost of the deductible and prevent an increase to your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Choose Your Own Roofing Company

One of the jobs of the adjustor is to convince you to use their roofing company. They’ve already worked out an arrangement for payment with their roofers. Often, these less qualified roofing companies are less busy and, therefore, want the work, at any cost. You have the right to choose your own roofing company for your storm damage insurance claim repair or roof replacement. Your insurance company may have good roofing companies to choose from but make sure the choice is yours, not theirs in the end.

Cooley Roofing and Construction can help you with your storm damage insurance claim for roofing, siding and windows. We’re locally owned and operated and ready to help you with your needs. We never cut corners and we offer some of the leading brands of roofing if you need a total roof replacement. Call 366-766-6488 today to schedule your appointment.

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