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No one wants a roof leak. However, it can happen any time of year. In fact, it doesn’t even take a storm for you to need roof damage repair. Just like everything on your home’s exterior, your roof ages, every day regardless of weather. And, at some point will need repair or replacing. We find that the spring brings more roof repair calls than any other time of year.

What is it About Spring & Roof Leaks?

Unlike summer storms that often come and go quickly, in the spring we have rainy days. Sometimes several in a row. When that happens, the roof never has a chance to dry out. Even if your roof has had an issue for some time, you may not have noticed it because the sun can dry out the water-soaked area before it gets into your home. In the spring, after a day or several days of rain, the water doesn’t have a chance to dry out and begins to seep into that small hole or issue in your roofing system. That’s when you realize you need to call for roof damage repair.

Wind is Often to Blame

Although we often associate summer thunderstorms with wind, we have gusty days throughout the year. Properly installed shingles are meant to withstand wind speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. We don’t often have sustained winds of that speed in Winston-Salem. It’s even pretty uncommon to see wind gusts in that range. However, an older roof or even a new one not properly installed, is subject to wind damage from any substantial wind gust. When a gust of wind lifts the shingles, they can break. Or they never properly reseal back to the home. The break or unsealed shingle can allow water to get in. When wind blows even just a few miles per hour after the damage during a rain, that water gets under the shingles and eventually into your home.

Do You Need Roof Damage Repair?

Call Cooley Roofing for your roof inspection and repair quote. We will thoroughly inspect your roof and advise you if you may have an insurance claim. Should a storm be to blame for your roof damage, we can provide temporary protection to prevent further water intrusion. Call us today for a roof damage repair quote at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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