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It’s a new year, why not consider some home remodeling? This allows you to spiff up the look of your home while also letting you enjoy more comfortable living spaces. The trick, however, is choosing the projects that make the biggest impression.

2 Home Improvements to Consider This Year

Turn to a reliable roofing contractor in Winston Salem, NC, like Cooley Roofing when you’re unsure where to begin. We’ll help you start the year’s first quarter in the best way with these great home remodeling projects.

1. Upgrade Your Roof —  A roof is something you notice every time you look at a home . When  there is visible damage to your roofing system, it’s time to call your premier roofing company in Winston Salem, NC, Cooley Roofing. We are the GAF-certified roofer that homeowners trust for quality installation of their replacement roof. With our lovely and durable materials from leading manufacturers like GAF and our expert team, we’ll ensure lasting weather protection and comfort for your home.

2. Replace Your Windows — Old and failing windows are prime culprits of energy loss. You can save money with new energy efficient windows. Cooley Roofing’s extensive selection of replacement windows can help. The windows we offer are made from highest quality vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and wood, plus advanced Low-E glass. With their superior insulating properties and reliable performance, expect a more pleasant indoor environment and reduced costs for energy.

3. Improve Your Siding — Your home’s siding is one of its most essential elements, and usually the first thing your guests see. If it’s already showing signs of damage due to age and harsh elements, you might want to consider siding replacement. Investing in quality replacement siding from Cooley Roofing can better protect and improve its energy efficiency.

Choose from our vinyl, fiber cement, and aluminum options. With our durable siding, you won’t have to worry about cracks or punctures where cold and moisture can enter. This lets you prevent the recurrence of drafts and maintain your home’s thermal stability. It also stops the growth of mold and mildew inside your walls, which can provide health risks along the way.

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