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It’s almost summer. Many homeowners are looking for ways to improve comfort and energy efficiency before the warm weather really kicks in. We discuss three of them here.3 Cool Home Improvement Projects from Cooley Roofing

1. Roofing Projects

The top of your house has a significant role to play in indoor comfort and cooling. Energy could be escaping through your inefficient roof, causing interior temperatures to rise. Often, you may react to the unbearable indoor climate by turning your AC on high, thereby doubling its work. Doing this will likely result in ballooning utility bills down the line.

Instead of overworking your air conditioning, why not invest in a good roof? Have a professional Lewisville roofing company inspect your current roof for holes and other defects that could be letting energy escape. If your roof has been damaged beyond repair, don’t delay replacement.

Here are some of our top picks:

  • Asphalt Shingles. They’re easy to install and require little maintenance. Consider getting GAF’s Timberline® Cool Series to stave off excessive sunlight and reduce accumulated heat in the attic.
  • Metal. Roofs of this type possess unparalleled weather resistance and durability. They feature reflective coatings that allow you to use less energy in cooling your interiors.
  • Slate. This option resists water damage and algae growth very well. It also has excellent insulating properties that can lower your monthly utility spending.

2. Window Replacement

You can enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home when you install energy-efficient windows. They can help with cooling and improving air quality inside the house.

This summer, make sure your energy dollars don’t fly out the window. When selecting replacement units, look for the following qualities:

  • Good Quality Framing. Many framing materials these days have impressive insulating properties. Cooley Roofing, for example, installs units made from low-conductivity materials. These keep heat where it should be and give your home a weathertight seal.
  • Specially Crafted Glass. A good amount of a unit’s energy efficiency comes from the glazing. Low-emissivity coatings and inert gas mixture in between the panes reduce heat transfer through the unit. These allow you to stay comfortable no matter the weather outside.

3. Siding Installation

Your home’s exterior cladding could mean the difference between a comfortable and an unbearable summer. The right siding creates an insulating barrier that keeps excess heat out of your home. It also benefits your energy spending since you wouldn’t have to work your cooling systems as much.

Cooley roofing installs some of the most trusted siding options in the business today. These include:

  • Vinyl. Perhaps one of the most popular options on our roster, our vinyl siding can withstand strong winds and extreme weather.
  • Fiber-Cement. This material does not expand or contract even under summer’s challenging temperatures.
  • Stucco. This classic siding boasts a high level of energy efficiency and lends itself well to a variety of applications.

Don’t let the heat take the fun out of your summer! When you need to enhance comfort and efficiency inside the home, turn only to the experts in replacement windows, siding, and roofing Lewisville homeowners trust.


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