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Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you can make in your home improvement project. After all, high quality roofing products depend on proper installation. To avoid problems in the future, it’s best to work with a talented and established local company like Cooley Roofing.

3 Reasons You Should Work with a Local Roofing Company

We Understand What Your Home Needs

As a local contractor, we are the expert in roofing in Winston-Salem, NC. This means we understand the specific weather patterns and climate conditions. We can make product recommendations and perform services that fit your unique needs. In addition, our decades of experience working with homes in our area mean we understand the local style. We can provide you with the right roof color schemes to make your home stand out.

We’re Members of the Community

We’re part of the community. Members of our company live and work here. Our children study in the same schools and our families live in the same neighborhood. We want to make our community as beautiful and wonderful as possible. This means that we will give you the best roofing experience possible. We’ll perform perfect installations and repairs, use only the highest quality products, and do everything on time and on schedule.

You Can Easily See Examples Of Our Work

As the top company for roofing and vinyl siding in Winston-Salem, NC, we’ve worked with many homeowners through the years. We can easily provide you with local references and examples of our work in the community. We make an effort to exceed our client’s expectations, and we’d love to do the same for your project.

A local company like us knows what’s best for your roof and because we’re part of the community, we treat you and your home with the utmost courtesy. You can trust us to do a fantastic job. Cooley Roofing has helped homeowners in Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. Clients work with us repeatedly because we deliver top quality roofing coupled with outstanding customer service.

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