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Remodeling or renovating your home can be a daunting process because it’s a major investment of your time, resources, and energy. It’s important to work with a contractor who can help you throughout the process. Cooley Roofing explains the things homeowners expect during the remodeling process and the ways we meet those expectations.

We are Professional

Homeowners expect complete professionalism during the entire process. As an expert in roofing in Winston-Salem, NC, we help ease our customer’s minds. They’ll know we are trustworthy because we can provide them with all of our credentials during our initial consultation. We will show homeowners our license, insurance, and certifications. We can also provide local references so they can see the quality of our work.

We are Transparent

Transparency is important, whether you’re getting a new roof or new vinyl siding in Winston-Salem, NC. When we provide estimates to our clients, we break them down to show the cost of overhead, labor and materials. We also explain our contract. We talk about each section of our contract and let our customers know their rights. We’ll also help homeowners understand if we need to pull permits. Lastly, we’ll also walk them through our warranties.

We Listen

Homeowners also expect that their contractor will listen to their needs, and work with them to get the best products for their home. For instance, when we replace your windows in Winston-Salem, NC, we’ll suggest window styles that are perfect for your needs. Even if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want for a room, we can help. We’ll assist you in determining your priorities and turning half-formed ideas into full remodeling goals. We’ll also answer any questions you may have about our process.

Cooley Roofing takes pride in our ability to provide homeowners a smooth and stress-free home improvement experience. We’ll help you choose the best product for your home and guide you throughout the process. We’re always available to listen to any of your needs and concerns. We’ll also practice open communication and schedule regular meetings to keep you informed. Call us at 366-766-6488 to learn more about our products and services. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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