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The emphasis on better work processes in the last few decades has made a significant impact on the construction industry. The benefits are being felt by homeowners, which resulted in improved contractor and client relationships.

  1. Safety – Improvements related to worker safety have been the most important. In fact, policies emphasizing safety at the workplace have become the new standard. More and more sites are displaying “X days without accident” signs and require everyone to wear the proper safety gear. Many industry professionals have replaced outdated practices. There are more policies with methods that do not compromise workmanship and productivity with work safety. As the top roofing company in Winston-Salem, NC, Cooley Roofing has comprehensive insurance for workers. Homeowners get the benefit of faster turnaround times, as accidents tend to delay projects especially when working with a minimal headcount.
  2. Workers’ Training and Workmanship – Industry-standard training programs keep team members up to par with current industry requirements. Most major manufacturers now provide product-specific training and subsequent certification. For instance, we are factory-trained and certified by GAF and CertainTeed to install their products. Homeowners get the benefit of high-quality and consistent installations, so they know they are working with a trustworthy roofing contractor in Winston-Salem, NC.
  3. Materials – Recent developments have provided opportunities for evaluation and testing new materials. These have given rise to advanced roofing technology in roofing in Kernersville, NC, that lasts longer, resists severe weather, and has improved safety features. Manufacturers can now afford to offer much longer warranties to homeowners. Additionally, manufacturing techniques have advanced to the point where homeowners can take any roofing design concept and turn into reality. At Cooley Roofing, we are proud of the quality of materials we offer.
  4. The Industry Professionals – They are the driving force behind the aforementioned improvements. Newer industry figureheads have the benefit of modern standards and technologies. We take pride in our team. That is why we are the leading name in the area in terms of home improvement.

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