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Homeowners are sometimes easily fazed by the apparent cost and effort involved in repairing, maintaining, or replacing their roofs. Some postpone roofing projects. Others never take them on at all. While we all wish that the roof we originally installed lasts us a lifetime, old, damaged, or poorly installed roofs will need some fixes in the long run to boost their look and function.

As your trusted Winston-Salem roofers, we suggest that you don’t skimp out on repairs, maintenance, or replacement. Here’s why:

1.    Good ROI. Roof replacement is among Remodeling magazine’s list of projects with fairly good return of investment (ROI) figures.  Their 2014 Cost Vs. Value Report showed that projects targeting basic parts of the home such as windows, doors, roof, and siding recoup your investment better than a fancy kitchen or bath remodel. As it turns out, mid-range roofing projects in the country cost $18,913 on average, and resale for about $12,777; that’s 67.7% of the original cost recouped.

2.    Improved performance. You want sturdy, leak-free roofing that can protect your family from the elements for a long time. Even smaller scale projects such as replacing damaged flashing, repairing cracked shingles, or installing better gutters could extend the roof’s life span and significantly enhance its performance.

3.    Enhanced curb appeal. Investing in high quality materials and better designs can get more people to notice your home before they even reach your doorstep. A beautiful well-installed roof brings the overall architecture of your home together. With just the right trim, color, and texture, a good roofing system could give your home character and style.

4.    Increased home value. If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, you might be missing out on precious dollars by not getting roof projects done. We’ve already talked about appearance, and how that can get guests and potential buyers to give your home a second look. But a house’s value doesn’t depend on looks alone. If your roof has a leak or is missing shingles, you’re likely to have fewer bidders for your home once you put it on the market.

We here at Cooley Roofing understand that a good roof is a pretty huge investment. That’s why we believe you should be getting your money’s worth.

We specialize in repairing and replacing When we work on your home, you can be sure that we are also protecting your investment. Give us a call at 366-766-6488 to schedule a free estimate. Let’s get those roofing projects running!

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