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roof replacement companyIf you’ve lived in Winston-Salem or Greensboro for more than a few years, you’ve seen the growth. New developments, roads, and schools seem to be popping up regularly. If you look at US Census data, this isn’t a new trend. In fact, our area has more than doubled in population since the 1950’s. In the 1950 census, the Piedmont Triad was an area of about a 700,000 people. Today our population has added nearly a million people in not quite 70 years. A lot of our growth happened in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Because of this many people’s homes are in need of a roof replacement.

Today’s blog, Part 1, is for homes less than 20 years old. Keep in mind as you read this that not all the information is true for all roofing, but more of a general guideline to help the majority of homeowners. Different roofing materials, brands, and how you’ve maintained your roof impacts the timeline for a roof replacement. As does the weather and other environmental factors.

Less Than 20 Years Old

They typical life cycle of a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof is between 13 and 20 years. You can help your roof last as long as possible by doing the following:

  • Keep your roof clean – debris laying on the roof’s surface causes it to break down more quickly than a clean roof.
  • Clean your gutters – when gutters are full, rain and snow back up allowing the shingles at the roof’s edge to sit in water and degrade. If we go through a freeze-thaw cycle after snow, ice dams may form causing further damage to your shingles.
  • Have regular roofing inspections – regular inspections catch small roofing issues before they turn into a bit roof leak. If your roofing company recommends a repair, don’t put it off, the problem will only get bigger.

When it comes time for a roof replacement, ask the roofing company you’re considering if they’re planning on doing an overlay or tear off. There are differences and although the cost is higher to do a tear off, the new roofing will last longer. Also, consider architectural shingles as they have a longer life expectancy.

If you haven’t had a roof inspection or think you need a roof repair company, call Cooley Roofing and Construction. We’re local, licensed, and insured and ready to be your roofing company. We also install replacement windows and new siding. Call 366-766-6488 to schedule your appointment today.

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