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Siding is one of the most visible parts of our homes. It also protects it from the elements and pests. If you’re tired of your worn siding but are trying to justify new siding, here are three benefits that you may not have realized new siding brings.


Today’s siding is significantly more energy efficient than siding installed even ten years ago. Some product lines come with built in insulation while other manufacturers have a house wrap to increase the thermal efficiency of your home. A good siding company will help you choose insulation that will provide the energy savings you want. You won’t feel drafts coming through your walls with new siding. This also means your HVAC system isn’t running as often and you save money. An added benefit of not running your heat or AC is that it lasts longer too.

Reduces Maintenance

If you’re considering replacing your wood siding, you’ll have less maintenance. The biggest benefit is that there will be no more scraping and painting your house every few years. If you have older vinyl siding that stains or grows mildew, ask your siding company about some of the new options that don’t stain as easily. Few homeowner realize that the smallest crack or hole in their siding lets in pests. Those pests can wreak havoc on your home’s structure. If you have cracks or loose siding, make sure that prior to installing new siding your foundation and home’s structure are inspected by a professional. Repairs are a lot easier and cheaper now than after installation.

Curb Appeal

When you look at your home you may not see what it was when you first bought it. New siding is a great way to bring back the beauty and color to your home. Today’s vinyl siding comes in a variety of textures and patterns allowing for a unique look. If you want some architectural detail added to your home, new siding is a great way to do it.

There is an investment involved in new siding but the ROI can justify the cost. Between energy savings and an average 60% return when you sell your home, replacement siding is worth it. If you’re ready to learn about the best option for your home and budget, contact Cooley Roofing and Construction at 366-766-6488.

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