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replacement siding colorSiding is a huge visual element of your home. If you’re considering replacement siding, you have a lot of decisions to make. In addition to the different styles of siding and the patterns imprinted on them, today’s siding comes in many colors. Choosing the right siding color can create visual interest on your home and improve curb appeal. How do you know if the color you’re considering is the right color for your home?

Step Back and Look

Take a look at not only your home but also the homes adjacent to yours. You don’t want to choose a color that’s the same as theirs, especially if your homes are already similar in design. Second, look at the elements of your home that you won’t be changing. Things like roofing, brick, stone, or window frames. You want a harmonious color pallet and to enhance the features of your home. Also consider the size of your home. A darker color may be overpowering on a large home and a light color may make a house visually small.

Your roof is the next most visual element on your home’s exterior. If your roof has color, you may want to choose a color for your siding that is in the same family as your roof. If it’s a dark roof, realize a very light home will have big contrast so consider how the colors will work together.

Landscaping and Climate

Initially it may not make a lot of sense to consider something that changes regularly, but you should. Here’s why you should take your landscaping and climate into consideration when choosing your replacement siding color. Your landscaping is in front of your home and the siding will be it’s backdrop. If you have a lot of greenery, you probably want to choose a siding color that will help your shrubs stand out. If you have beautiful white hydrangeas every summer, you want a color that will highlight them.

As for climate, if your home is subject to the sun from all sides every day, you might want to choose a lighter color siding. Lighter colors reflect more of the sun’s rays and will help your home stay cooler. Different angles of the sun and different light levels will change the appearance of your home. Make sure that you look at the color you’re considering on bright sunny days, morning and late day sun, as well as cloudy days.

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