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The roof is an essential part of your building and your business. It is responsible for keeping the building and its occupants safe from the weather. As a professional in roofing in Winston-Salem NC, Cooley Roofing understands the importance of commercial roofing, and that’s why we offer only the best products available from top manufacturers like GAF.

GAF Thermoplastic Polyolefin Membrane
Commercial roofs can come in all shapes and sizes, and can be built from various materials. One material used is thermoplastic polyolefin (or TPO)single-ply membrane. In the commercial roofing market, TPO single-ply membranes have become a popular choice because it is sturdy, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and resistant to wear. GAF takes it a step further by using TPO membranes to provide advanced protection for your property. Depending on the thickness, TPOmembranes’superior performance allows it to deliver up to 30 to 35 years of protection. With GAF’s patented technology, your TPO membrane can withstand heat aging and UV degradation.

Performs Well versus Heat Aging
Heat aging is one of the most important indicators of how long a TPO roof can last. GAF’s EverGuard Extreme® is one of the top-performing products that withstands extreme temperatures. In an independent performance study done by Structural Research Inc., a well-respected testing laboratory, they found that among the TPO brands in the United States, GAF’s EverGuard Extreme did not show any visible signs of damage for over 190 days. Making it one of the most reliable products that you can install for your commercial building’s roofing.

Our roofers in Winston-Salem NC are on standby to handle your commercial roofing needs. With Cooley Roofing’s top-quality products, you can rest assured that your building and its occupants will remain safe from the elements, enabling the businesses within to thrive. For more information on commercial roofing, feel free to give Cooley Roofing a call at 366-766-6488so we can provide a free estimate for your roof today!

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