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installing flashing for a roof leak
It’s never fun to discover you have a roof leak. If you are in need of a roof repair due to a leak, don’t delay, call your trusted roofing company today. If you are hoping to avoid needing roof repair, make sure to keep your roof in top shape through annual inspections and maintenance. Here are some common causes of roof leaks.


When flashing isn’t properly installed or deteriorates over time water can leak in through the edges. A visual inspection of your flashing can give you an idea if it is not properly secured. Flashing is found around chimneys, vents, skylights, and other roof protrusions. If your flashing material was rubber or plastic it may deteriorate over time. Deterioration allows the smallest amounts of water to leak through into your home. A roofing contractor can replace your flashing and prevent future roof leaks.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters are in integral part of your roofing system. They help funnel water away from your home. When they are clogged, water is trapped at the edge of your roofline and can get into your home. One of the most common issues occurring from clogged gutters is when the water actually is forced back up under the shingles at the edge of the roof. When this happens not only does water enter your home but the shingles are also likely to sit in water and deteriorate. When water enters your home this way, it often flows down your walls making the leak appear to come from windows or other places rather than the roof.


Trees cause roof leaks in many ways. One of the most common and often missed causes is by branches rubbing on the roof’s surface. It may not seem like a big deal but when branches rub on the shingles for a prolonged period of time, the granules are dislodged and the shingle starts to break down allowing water to penetrate. If you see branches rubbing on your roof, get them trimmed immediately and follow up with a roofing inspection.

Trees also damage roofs by dropping things. During strong wind events branches falling on your roof can cause damage. If your tree has fruit or seed pods and they remain on the roof and rot, the shingles will be damaged. Keeping your roof clear of debris helps prevent roof damage and the need for roof repair.

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