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Don't try DIY roofing, call a professional rooferBecause roofing materials are available at home improvement stores, some homeowners mistakenly think that they can repair or replace their roof. There are a few instances when a DIY roof repair might be the right choice, but rarely. A roofer has training beyond what a homeowner can find on YouTube and they have the right tools to complete the job.

Why A Roofer Should Always Perform a Roof Replacement

Roofing is a skilled trade. Good roofers take years to learn the proper methods of installation. Many attend workshops and training held by the manufacturers of the materials they sell and install. When a roof replacement isn’t done with the proper materials and with the proper methods, you risk a roof leak, premature failure, and voiding the manufacturer warranty. Of course, if you do the installation, there is no workmanship warranty and if you have a major issue, you’ll need to call a roof repair company to assist.

Perhaps the biggest reason you should have a professional roofer install your new roof is because of time. Roofing companies have the right tools, manpower, and training to install the roof in as short as one day. You don’t want to leave your home exposed to the element for weeks on end while you find the time to complete the replacement. Also, your time if valuable. When you calculate the time it takes to remove your old roof and install a new one, you will likely find that it’s cheaper to have a professional handle it.

Roof Repair isn’t for the Novice Either

Although a roof repair may seem more straight forward, it can be quite complex. Knowing where the leak originates and the best method of repair is something a trained roofer knows. The worst thing you can do is think that you’ve solved the problem of a roof leak only to find you’ve just redirected the water and created damage in another area.

Hiring a professional roofer with training and tools to perform your roof repair or roof replacement is worth the cost. Structural damage to your home can cost thousands more than letting the professionals handle your roofing needs. If you need a roofer in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or anywhere else in the Triad, call Cooley Roofing at 366-766-6488 today.

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