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christmas lightsAlthough it hardly seems possible that Christmas is nearly upon us, we know that many of you are thinking about putting up lights and other decorations on your home. We love seeing those decorations as much as anyone else, but we always cringe when we see some of these mistakes homeowners make that lead to damage requiring roof repair, new windows, or worse.

Safe Decorating Practices

  1. Never hang lights from your shingles. Although there are clips meant to go on your shingles, you shouldn’t use them. When you use clips on your shingles, you end up rubbing off some of the granules which are the top protective layer. This will cause those shingles to breakdown more quickly than the rest of your roof leading to completely preventable roof repair. The better option is to attach to your gutters or eves with clips.
  2. Nails are a no-no. If you’re looking to attach something to your roof and you use nails to do it, you’re compromising the integrity of your roof’s surface. You may think that it’s just a small nail and that the shingle will be fine. However, that small nail hole will let in just a little water but if that water freezes, the hole will grow and eventually you’ll have a roof leak. Even a little water can cause big roofing problems.
  3. Don’t be Clark. If you remember the movie Christmas Vacation you likely remember the hilarity of Clark Griswold over lighting his home. There is real danger in stringing multiple lights and extension cords together. Most lights have a maximum recommended number of strands to be plugged in to one another. Heed these warnings to prevent electrical issues and the real danger of fire.

If you’re hanging decorations from your windows and siding, take care in how you do it and what you use. Different types of siding can handle different methods of attaching wreathes and other decoration. It should be obvious that vinyl siding shouldn’t be nailed into but we’ve seen people do it. Window frames today may look like wood but many are vinyl with a wood front so nails aren’t recommended either. Try using the removable hooks to hang decorations from your windows.

As you’re hanging your decorations, take a few minutes to look at your gutters, soffits, fascia, and roof. Doing a quick visual inspection can give you an idea of the state of your roof. If you think you have roof damage and may need roof repair, Cooley Roofing and Construction can help. Call to schedule your free estimate – 366-766-6488.


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