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Now that temperatures are getting colder, you need to think of ways to protect your home from potential damage brought by winter. These include preparing your home from significant heat and energy loss, as you’ll want to keep warm during these times. Moreover, your exteriors should receive maximum protection to prevent water damage.

Effective Tips on Preparing Your Home for Winter

Cooley Roofing, the trusted name in roofing in Winston-Salem, NC, can help you keep these threats at bay. Make sure your family stays comfortable and your utility bills affordable by performing these simple tasks:

• Prepare your siding. Harsh weather conditions may come during winter. This is why it’s best to protect your exterior, especially your siding, with the most durable materials available. Low-maintenance vinyl is resistant to scraping, while fiber cement offers superior durability with the look of a real wood. Cooley Roofing offers a range of siding materials that come in different colors and textures. Each type we offer can help enhance your home’s curb appeal, while keeping your home comfortable.

• Apply weatherstripping around windows. Sealing drafty windows is one of the most effective ways to maintain the right amount of energy inside. For a lasting solution, install Cooley Roofing’s replacement windows in Winston-Salem, NC. These come with Low-E glass and ENERGY STAR® qualification, making these the top choice for your energy-saving needs.

• Check for damaged shingles. Before you get stuck with a leak, check if your roof is still in tip-top shape. Look for damaged or missing shingles and replace these immediately. For additional protection, seal joints at the chimney and walls by using roofing cement and a caulking gun. Consult Cooley Roofing for expert assistance in maintaining your roof. We can help determine if a simple repair will do or a complete replacement is necessary.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your home will be warm and cozy all winter long, with reduced utility bills. Rely on Cooley Roofing to gear up your home for the winter season. We provide energy-efficient windows, high quality siding, and durable roofing that can last under extreme weather conditions.

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