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Some of you have contacted us to handle your storm damage insurance claim. We work with all insurance companies on all types of claims and are working through the repairs and replacements for many homeowners. One troubling thing we’re hearing as we follow up, is that some of you are being misled by other local roofers. Know that it is your right to choose who handles your insurance claim.

Not All Local Roofers Really Are Local

Here’s one scenario we’ve heard. You call your insurance company to report storm damage. They send their adjustor out and submit your claim. You call your local roofer and get an appointment for an estimate. At some point another roofing company knocks on your door and says, “Your insurance company sent me to handle your storm damage insurance claim.”

Buyer beware! It’s true some insurance companies let their preferred roofers know who has filed a claim. Some insurance companies contract with a local roofer on a per square basis. They find the cheapest roofing company they can to repair the damage. This is often at the lowest cost to them so they can pay out the least on your claim. You have the right to say, no thank you, I have a roofer.

Another scam we’ve heard about is when a roofer shows up at your door and says they are from your insurance company to inspect and repair the damages. If this happens, do not sign anything, give them money, or allow them onto your home. They may be a storm chaser. The danger in letting a storm chaser work on your home is that they may not be licensed, insured, or local. If they aren’t insured and there is an accident on your property, you are liable. If they aren’t local and their work is substandard and you have an issue in the future that should be covered by a workmanship warranty, you may be out of luck.

How to Choose the Right Roofing Company for Your Storm Damage Repair

When you have a storm damage insurance claim and don’t already have a trusted local roofer, have at least three roofing companies come to give you an estimate for repair. Once you have a few estimates, do your homework on those companies. Look at their reviews on sites like Google, Angie’s List, the BBB, and Facebook. These review sites don’t allow them to pick and choose which reviews are displayed. Don’t just look at the reviews but also look at how they respond to negative reviews. Do they make it right in a timely manner? That is the sign of a good roofing company.

If you have storm damage or just need roof repair, Cooley Roofing and Construction is your local roofer in Winston-Salem and the surrounding area. We are based in Clemmons and have been serving the area for over a decade. Let Troy and his team provide you with a free estimate by calling 366-766-6488.

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