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If you don’t relish the thought of slowly melting in the sticky heat of the coming summer, then it’s time to get up off of that couch. These three home projects are guaranteed to work to keep you cool when summer comes. All of these projects are great investments for the future, and are worth looking into.

Home Projects to Beat the Summer Heat

New roofing keeps you cool

A lot of heat comes in and goes out through your roofing in Winston-Salem, NC. This is especially true with older roofing that hasn’t been checked on in quite a while. That’s because all the holes and breaks in the roofing material — coupled with possibly damaged insulation — allows hot air in and out more easily.

This is especially compounded in the summer time, just when you don’t want this happening. With a brand new roof in place, you’ll get to deal with these problems all at once – then you can start afresh and keep your home cool and energy-efficient in the process.

New windows also help

Windows used to be simple glass-and-wood affairs. Nowadays, windows can add value to your home by incorporating low-emissivity glass. This actually functions in the same way as the roofing mentioned above does. These windows, however, actively block infrared light.

The benefits are practically the same: less heat is transferred, helping you save on heating costs. The best thing is that, even as you sit in front of these windows on a hot summer day – you won’t feel the heat too badly. We have a range of designs to choose from that will help bring in a cold breeze.

Siding is icing on the cake

Rounding this all up is siding. Siding — among all the other projects here, is specifically intended to help with insulation. Most people only think of siding as an afterthought — but to invest in new siding completes this trio that keeps your home and you cool in the summer.

Call on the roofers Winston-Salem, NC residents trust with all their home improvement needs. At Cooley Roofing, we have over 20 years of experience building and remodeling homes for the summer, winter, and the seasons in between. When it comes to beating the heat, we can certainly help you. Give us a call today on 366-766-6488and we’ll come to you and perform a free estimate.

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