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roofing companies estimateIf you’re looking for a roof replacement, you may wonder what to expect. Today starts a two-part blog about what to expect when you contact roofing companies for your new roof. Not all steps are exactly the same with all roofing companies, but for the most part, this is the process. It’s generally the same for new siding and replacement windows as well.

Initial Inspection

For some roofing companies, it’s called an estimate inspection, for others it’s just an estimate. Whatever they call it, it should include a visual inspection of your roof, measuring of the roof’s size, and if you have an accessible attic, a look inside at your roof. From there the roofing company should discuss why type of roof you’re looking for. If you have a specific brand and color in mind, speak up. If not, they should be able to guide you to a color and manufacturer that will look great on your home.

Written Proposal

Never hire a roofing company who doesn’t provide you with a written estimate for the work they’re planning. It should include the brand shingles and color, type of underlayment, and other details of material and labor. Keep in mind that most roofing companies will include the cost of disposal of your existing roof in their quote. If it’s not detailed, ask because you don’t want to be charged for disposal after the fact.


For some roofing companies, the proposal is the same as their contract. Whether your roofer provides and estimate and then gives you a contract or if they’re the same, you should have something both you and the roofing company sign that details materials, labor, and payment expectations. It should also include their workmanship warranty or a place to find it. Don’t ever give any contractor a deposit without a signed contract and you doing a check about the company and their reputation.


The materials will likely be delivered a few days before the job starts. Usually you’ll receive a phone call from the roofing company informing you they have the materials ready for delivery and that they’d like to schedule the install. Keep in mind that adverse weather may delay your installation even after it’s been scheduled.

Cooley Roofing and Construction follows this process. Sometimes we know we have the materials readily available so we schedule the installation at the time of contract. If you’re ready for a roof replacement, we can help. All our roof replacement quotes are free and without obligation. Call 366-766-6488 to schedule your estimate today. For part 2 of our blog series, click here.

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