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roofing contractors process for roof replacementIn part one of our two-part blog series on how roofing contractors work, we covered the estimate through the materials delivery. If you missed part 1, click here. Today we’re going to cover the rest of the process, starting with installation.


Depending on the scope of your roof replacement and the size of your home, the job can take as few as two days. Ideally your installation will be scheduled and happen as planned. However, there are several reasons why your installation may be rescheduled. No roofer wants to reschedule but they also don’t want to leave your home open to the elements for longer than necessary. So, even if it’s not raining today but heavy rain is forecast in the next few days, they may opt to push your install to avoid weather issues.

Keep in mind the sales person or owner you originally spoke with likely won’t be on site the entire time. They may stop by, but generally a foreman or job super is in charge. If you have questions, they can help. If you don’t feel comfortable with the answer you received, don’t hesitate to call your other contacts at the company.

Clean Up

At the end of each day, the crew should walk around your property and pick up any trash they created. Once the job is done, they’ll use what looks like a large push broom without bristles to pick up any nails in your driveway or yard.


This is your opportunity to walk around your home with the foreman. Take this opportunity to comment about anything that still needs to be cleaned up or ask questions. At this time, you should be provided with any necessary paperwork for your warranty. They will also likely ask for the final payment.

Referrals and Reviews

After the job is complete, good roofing contractors ask their customers for reviews and referrals. They ask for referrals because they know that it’s common for other houses in the same neighborhood to need roof replacements about the same time, and the best way for them to make contact is from a neighbor or friend. Reviews are important because that’s how many buyers make informed decisions. The more detailed a review, the better. Some places you can see and leave reviews for roofing contractors are Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, and the BBB. If you found your roofing contractor on one of those sites, use it to leave a review.

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