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Low-sloped roofs are great for commercial buildings. When installed correctly, you’ll enjoy a number of long-term benefits. To make the most of your roof, it’s best to learn about roofing issues that you may have to deal with.

Blistering is a common problem with low-slope roofs. Although some property owners think small blisters aren’t worth repairing, a blister of a significant size should be assessed and repaired by trained roofers. When asphalt is heated to an incorrect temperature, it can lead topoor attachment of the hot bituminous roof system. This may result in blisters and other problems like premature roof aging and slipping of felts. Other possible causes of blistering are bad interply integrity, incorrect torching of the membrane, anddry laps.

As a Lewisville roofing company you can rely on for various roofing concerns, we at Cooley Roofing & Construction know that your roof is a vital part in the success of your business. It is your property’s primary line of defense against the weather, allowing you to continue offering products and services even on bad weather. Blisters and other problems on your roof could make the building vulnerable to the elements.

The best way to deal with blisters is to schedule a roof inspection as soon as you suspect a problem. Let experts, such as our team at Cooley Roofing& Construction, help you out. We are fully trained to install and repair several types of commercial roofing including modified bitumen, built-up roofing, and single-ply roofing. To avoid problems from getting worse, we also offer maintenance services. Let us help resolve any concerns you may have with your low-slope roof.

It’s easy to keep your commercial roofing in Lewisville in top shape. Don’t ignore any kind of damage on your roof no matter how simple you think the problem is. Call a professional at the first sign of trouble so you can have your commercial roof back into shape in no time. For more information on commercial roof maintenance, repair, or replacement, feel free to give Cooley Roofing & Construction a call at 366-766-6488today.

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