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A good roof can withstand the elements, but even well-constructed roofs may deteriorate over time. During fall many homeowners have their roofs assessed to prepare for winter. It isn’t the only time, however, to check your roof. To make sure your roof is in good condition all year round, do a visual inspection yourself at least twice a year and if you see anything that concerns you call your Lewisville roofers at the first signs of problems.

Here’s how contractors inspect your roof to assess its overall condition:

Although the process may be different for each roofing company, a general inspection often involves checking your home’s interiors, attic, and roof.

When checking your home’s interior, roofers may look for signs of leaks, such as water spots and paint bubbles on the ceilings and walls. In the attic, contractors may check for rot or moisture damage. We may also look for other problems like cracks, broken seals in the roof pipes, and blockage in your vents.

As for your roof, our contractors will inspect the following parts for deterioration and other structural issues:

  • Gutters: A reliable Lewisville roofing contractor, like Cooley Roofing, knows that gutters may collapse as a result of heavy water buildup, accumulated debris, and ice dams. This is why gutters are one of the first elements that we check.
  • Joints: Joints can be found between the roof and the chimney. Any two sloped sections are prone to leaking, so contractors check them carefully.
  • Shingles: When shingles become loose, wind can blow them off the roof, exposing the layers underneath to moisture. It is observed that shingles initially deteriorate on the southern face of the roofing surface because of sun exposure. Roofers check for dents, curling, blistering, and splitting.
  • Flashing: This part may develop weak spots over time, which may result in water seeping through the layers beneath the shingles. If spotted early on, small gaps can be resealed easily. When a minor problem is left untreated, it may become bigger, requiring repairs that may even involve the rafters.

Avoiding costly repairs and replacements starts with asking the help of a reliable Lewisville roofing company, such as Cooley Roofing, for your roofing concerns. We know that your roof plays an important role in keeping your family safe and comfortable throughout the year. This is why we offer roof inspection to address the first signs of problems and prevent them from getting worse. Call us now at 366-766-6488to schedule a roofing inspection and assessment.

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