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roof repair for roof leaksOne of the most common calls we get at Cooley Roofing are inquiries about roof repair due to a roof leaks. When we schedule an appointment to perform a roof inspection and inform the homeowner about our findings they are often surprised and question our service plan. We’ve decided to try to point out some misconceptions about roof leaks in today’s blog.

Misconception #1

The conversation often goes like this:

Homeowner: But it’s just a small leak, see (pointing to a small stain on the ceiling in their home), why do you need to fix that whole area?

Roofer: Water follows the path of least resistance and although your leak came in through that portion of your roof, the issue stems higher up on the peak where you have (insert issue here). We need to replace the entire area because of water damage to the roof deck.

There are many reasons for a roof leak. Two common reasons are poor installation and age. Unrepaired storm damage from impact of tree branches, hail, and flying debris can all damage the shingles and the layers below. Sometimes what appears to be a small problem is actually a larger issue and only an inspection by a qualified roofer can determine the extent of your roof repair needs.

Misconception #2

Homeowner : Just replace my missing (or damaged) shingles and my roof repair will be complete.

Although we too wish roof repair was that easy, rarely is replacing missing or damaged shingles the extent of the needed repair. Once a shingle is missing, the underlayment and roof deck are exposed to moisture. Depending upon how long an area is exposed often determines the extent of the repair. That is a big reason to have regular roofing inspections and repair issues as soon as they are discovered.

Misconception #3

My roof’s warranty will cover my roof leak.

Rarely is this the case. Even if your roof is just a few years old, the manufacturer’s warranty rarely covers roof repair. The warranty that comes with your new roof is against manufacturer defects so unless the leak is due to a manufacturing issue, the leak won’t be covered. If your roofer provided an installation warranty, your leak may be covered.

If you have a roof leak and need roof repair in Greensboro or the surrounding area, call Cooley Roofing and Construction. We provide comprehensive roofing inspections and will help you with an insurance claim if your roof leak is caused by storm damage. Call 366-766-6488 for your free estimate for your roof repair or replacement needs.


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