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Every home and building needs good windows. These are vital components in architecture. Take note, however, that it’s not just any window. To maximize your investment and enjoy multiple benefits at home, you need to choose a high-performing window.


Why High-Performing Windows are Important

High-performing windows, such as what we install at Cooley Roofing, have many features and benefits. These are the kind of windows that you’ll want to live with under your roofing in Lewisville. Our windows can work with an old or a new house. With our windows, you can expect better-quality protection against elements. It’s not enough that you have a window at home. You need the kind of window replacement that performs exceptionally well.

Our windows are designed to reduce exterior noise infiltration. If you want to enjoy a quieter home with better privacy, our windows are the solution. Another feature that many homeowners love in our windows is the ease of maintenance. Imagine not having to worry about frequent upkeeps! These are also more durable, versatile, and beautiful.

How our Windows Affect Comfort and Energy Usage

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a home with inefficient windows essentially loses 30% or more energy. That’s why we make it a point to inform our customers about the downside of keeping their old but “okay” windows. You may not see any problem physically, but an old window’s performance will likely be compromised. Not only will it decrease your home’s defense against harsh weather, but it will also make your structure vulnerable to various problems.

When it comes to energy efficiency, our windows offer excellent savings. Our replacement windows help cut down at least one-third of your overall monthly heating and cooling consumption. These can translate to big energy savings over time. Additionally, our windows are designed to improve comfort. You’ll enjoy a cooler environment during summer and a warmer one in winter.

If you’re planning to go all-out on window replacement this season, just let us know. Cooley Roofing is one of your experienced roofers in Winston-Salem, NC. Our professional team also installs the best windows today. With us, you can be more confident that you’ll make the most of your investment.

Give us a call at 366-766-6488 today to learn more about our high-performing window replacements. Check the next part of our blog to find out more facts on energy efficiency.

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