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The snowstorm that visited around Winston-Salem has left the city in a relative standstill, but citizens and officials have been hard at work clearing the snow away from their driveways and streets. An article on the Winston-Salem Journal describes the effort along with extent of the damage that the storm caused:

City residents and businesses cleared snow and ice Friday from their driveways, sidewalks and parking lots while others drove to their jobs and other destinations as the Triad recovers from a major winter storm. Local hospitals reported fewer than 40 storm-related injuries.

Rod Hairston took about an hour to clear snow from his driveway on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. He was among many residents Friday who were trying to put the aftermath of the winter storm behind them.

The storm was severe in that it left thousands of people stranded and without power. However, according to an expert, it wasn’t the worst that the area had ever experienced:

Snowfall totals ranged from 12 to 14 inches in northwestern North Carolina, with 14 inches also falling in Statesville, said Nick Petro, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Raleigh.

While the storm caused plenty of problems, it’s not historic, he said.

“It wouldn’t make the top 10 in terms of snowfall,” Petro said, adding that it will take a few days for streets to clear completely, as temperatures rise during the day and fall at night, causing melted snow to refreeze.

Even though the storm wasn’t as bad, it still brought the same problem that every heavy snowfall does in the area. Refreezing isn’t particularly difficult to deal with on roads, but it can be a big issue for residential units concerned for roofing in Winston-Salem NC. When snow melts without proper insulation, water trickles down and gets frozen again due to the uneven temperature. This creates ice dams that can potentially damage your shingles, siding, and even your interior.

Unfortunately, many residents aren’t aware of this and tend to just allow the snow to melt. If your roof was already weakened by previous storms, ice dams could even cause the whole structure to collapse. The best thing to do is to call on expert Winston-Salem roofers like Cooley Roofing to prevent any unfortunate events from occurring.
(Article Excerpt and Image from City residents, businesses dig out from snowstorm, Winston-Salem Journal, February 15, 2014)

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