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how brand and quality influence roof replacement quotehere are a lot of elements that go into determining the cost of a roof replacement. When you contact a few different roofing contractors in Greensboro or Winston-Salem, you’ll likely get different estimates. The best thing you can do is understand why the estimates are different and ask questions to clarify what is included in each roof replacement estimate.


Of course, the biggest cost difference can be the products that are being installed. Different roofing contractors offer different manufacturer’s shingles but that is only part of the product cost. The manufacturers all have different shingles lines. Some are better than others. For example, an architectural shingle will always cost more than a 3-tab shingle because they are higher quality. However, there are also lines within each manufacturer that cost more than others because of the features.

Other elements that make up the product portion of the roof replacement include the underlayment, flashing, and nails. Quality synthetic underlayment, which lasts longer than felt paper, costs more than felt paper. The same can be said for flashing and nails. When you’re comparing the product cost, you want to compare apples to apples so ask why type of underlayment, nails, and flashing are included in the quote.


The other main element of each quote is labor. When you ask for a roof replacement, some roofers automatically provide a quote which includes removing and disposing of your old roofing materials. Other roofing contractors provide a quote for an overlay which means they don’t do the work of removing the old roof but rather just install on top of the existing surface. Another pricing method some roofers use is to include removing the old roof but charge you separately for the actual cost of hauling away the old roof based on the charges they incur at the dump.

Other Influences

If the roofing companies you’re speaking with are offering the same services and the same products, the difference in cost is likely the company’s reputation. It may also be that they are insured, bonded, and have employees rather than day laborers or subcontractors. A roofing contractor who has a physical office may charge a bit more as well. The last element that typically influences price is the workmanship warranty. A longer or more complete workmanship warranty may cost you a bit more but also provide peace of mind.

When you’re comparing the cost of a roof replacement, make sure you make a comprehensive comparison. From products, to labor, warranty, and look at the roofer’s reputation. It’s better to pay a bit more for a roofing contractor who has a good reputation and longevity in the community than a storm chaser who you won’t be able to find to have any warranty work performed. Cooley Roofing isn’t the cheapest roofing contractor in Winston-Salem or the Triad but we’re one of the best. We stand behind our work and have a great reputation. Call 366-766-6488 to schedule your free roof replacement estimate today.

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