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We all understand that every part of your roof is vital to the overall performance of the whole system. We know each component has its own function to make sure that your roofing in Lewisville can protect you, your family, and your possessions from what the coming season has to offer. Some of the parts that you must not overlook are the fascia and the soffit.


The fascia is the long straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. It is connected to the ends of the trusses, and it’s where the gutter is attached. The main function of the fascia is to create a layer between the edge of the roof and the outside, thereby protecting the wooden board against the rain and the sun. The fascia also adds protection to your home’s interior as it acts as a second layer of barrier between your home and the rain.

Furthermore, because the gutter is usually attached to the fascia board, it carries all the weight of the gutter. This means that the fascia has to be strong enough to carry several gallons of water to ensure that your gutter will function properly.


If the fascia is attached to the side of the roof’s edge, the soffit is below it. The soffit is usually tucked away under the fascia board and is fixed on the underhanging section of your roof eave. Aside from protecting your roof eave from water damage, another important function of the soffit is to help provide ventilation to your attic. You can choose a soffit that has small holes on it to assist in air circulation and ventilation.

It is important to keep your fascia and soffit in good condition to ensure their performance. As they are susceptible to water damage, it is crucial to have them inspected and worked on by the pros. You can call Lewisville roofing company Cooley Roofing, the most trusted when it comes to roofing, to get your fascia and soffit done before winter approaches.

(Image from “Understanding Fascia and Soffit Repair,” Angie’s List, July 21, 2014)

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