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ridge vent archetectural shinglesThere’s no arguing that technology around us has changed quickly in the past several decades. Did you know that even asphalt shingles have evolved greatly in that same time? In fact, there are three elements of your roofing system that have improved dramatically making for a longer lasting roof.

1.      Shingles

Since your shingles are the biggest part of your roofing system, it makes sense that the improvements in shingle technology will help your roof last longer. One of the biggest improvements is the architectural style shingles. They are thicker than older 3-tab shingles. Many brands have a reinforced strip for the installer to nail through which helps prevent blow-offs, this may make the shingles wind resistant against most wind gusts and even some hurricanes. Other innovations include algae protection which prevents staining and streaking and harmful fungi from growing which deteriorates a roof. Many new shingles are Class A fire resistant.

Of course, new shingle styles look better. Although the wider variety of shingle colors may not seem like something that would help your roof last longer, they do. New shingles have great solar reflectivity. That means more harmful UV rays are reflected so your attic doesn’t get as hot. A cooler attic helps them last longer.

2.      Ventilation

Your roof needs to breathe. Moisture that rises from the home and gets in the attic needs to escape. An attic that is too warm in the summer increases your cooling costs. The most common ventilation on many older homes is a box vent or turbine vent. Both help the heat and moisture escape, but not as well as ridge vents. Newer homes have ridge vents and your home may be able to be retrofitted if you are having a complete roof replacement. Ask your roofing contractor when they give you an estimate if that’s possible.

3.      Seamless Gutters

Gutters are a part of your roofing system. They funnel water away from your foundation. When you don’t have gutters or yours don’t do their job, your entire home can be impacted. Clogged gutters allow water to sit in them. With enough water, the edges of your shingles may sit in the water. If that happens enough, those shingles will deteriorate. If it’s below freezing out, you may end up with ice dams.

Old sectional gutters are more prone to clogging than seamless gutters because debris can get caught on the seams. They also tend to leak at the seams. New seamless gutters don’t have the same problems. If your gutters leak, are sagging, or just don’t look good, consider replacing them when you replace your roof.

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