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If you read part one of our two part blog series about the different parts of your roofing system, you have gained a small understanding of the details of your roof repair or roof replacement quote. If you missed it, click here. Today we’ll finish with the terms that your local roofing company may use during their inspection or on their quote.


Fascia is the board that finishes the edge of the roof. Materials used to make fascia vary depending upon when your home was constructed and how. Older homes often have wood fascia which is the most susceptible to rot. If you look at your home along the edge of the roof and notice deterioration, chances are good your fascia needs to be replaced. More commonly, modern construction uses the stronger fascia boards made from an epoxy resin coated wood chip and sawdust mixture. Damaged or deteriorating fascia can allow pests to get into your attic creating more issues.


Your soffits are intake vents. These vents allow the inflow of the outside air which helps keep the attic close to the same temperature as the outside air. You can see your soffits when you stand on the ground and look up at the edge of your roof. If you notice any that are missing or broken, animals and other pests have an easy path into your home. If they are blocked because they were painted or from shrubs or weed growth, you should invest in new soffits to help keep your roof healthy. They are an important part of your roofing system.


Few homeowners think of their gutters as part of their roofing system but as a roofing contractor, we do. When your gutters are functioning as they should, they help move rainwater away from the home and foundation, protecting your whole house. When they are clogged they allow water to build up, they put pressure on the shingles along the edge of your roof-line. If it’s cold and that water freezes it can actually break the edges of the shingles or cause ice dams. When the edges of your shingles sit in water they deteriorate more quickly than they should and allow water onto your underlayment and roof deck causing more extensive issues.

As you can see, your roofing system is comprised of many different parts that work together to best protect your home. If you missed part one of our blog, click here. If it’s time to contact a local roofing company, call Cooley Roofing and Construction. We inspect every part of your roof and advise you if it’s time for a roof replacement or if roof repair. Contact us today by using our easy contact form or by calling 366-766-6488.

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