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solar panels roof replacementIf you’re considering a solar electric system for your roof, you should consider a roof replacement before having the panels installed. Your solar company may even make this recommendation and offer a referral to a roofing company. This isn’t some big plan to profit even more off of you, they may be trying to save you money in the long run.

Solar panels generally last 20 – 25 years, about the same as an average asphalt shingle roof. Unless your roof is already fairly new, you’re going to need a roof replacement before the end of life of the solar panels. You should consider replacing your shingles before they install the panels but don’t just call the roofing company they recommend, get a few competitive quotes.

How a Roof Replacement Now Saves Money

If you hadn’t budgeted a roof replacement along with the new solar system, it’s worth considering. Having to replace your roof in the not too distant future will cost you money in three different ways:

  1. Labor – There is significant labor involved in removing and reinstalling your solar panels. Your roofing company won’t do it so that means scheduling the solar installation company to come and do that for you.
  2. Storage – You don’t want to leave your panels just anywhere during the roof replacement. They’ll need to be stored somewhere safe. If you don’t have the space, that means your solar company will take them somewhere to store them for you. They’ll likely charge you for that moving and storage.
  3. Lost Electric – Although it may take only a day to remove the panels and another day to replace the roof, reinstalling the panels is a more time consuming process. Not only will this take time but you’ll need to coordinate all the different contractors plus the electric company. During this time you won’t be generating power therefor you’ll lose any savings.

Another consideration is roof repair. If the area under the panels needs repair, you’ll need to coordinate the solar company and roofer to be on site the same day. You’ll likely have to pay the solar company representative for their time. A new roof shouldn’t need repair in the immediate future because the solar panels provide an additional level of protection to that section of the roof.

Cooley Roofing, Your Local Roof Replacement Company

If you’re serious about a solar electric system for your home, call Cooley Roofing for your no obligation quote on a roof replacement. We’ll not only inspect and provide an estimate but we’ll also make sure your roof’s structure is capable of handling the added weight of a solar system. We also offer several lines of cool roofing products that can aid in reducing your AC use all summer long. Call today to schedule your appointment at 366-766-6488.

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