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Siding as the exterior material applied to the walls of your house in Winston-Salem is not only a key in the aesthetics of the structure. It is also meant to shed water and protect the walls of your home from the adverse effects of the weather.

More than the value of looks, siding protects your home from environmental factors. Just like wearing sunscreen with good SPF on your skin, siding acts as outer wall covering that protects your home from weather-related elements. If you’re interested to give your home a siding makeover, you should always consult with established contractors. Many contractors who are roofers in Winston-Salem NC also provide other exterior home improvement services such as siding and windows.

Let’s take a closer look on the values of adding or upgrading your home siding:

Curb Appeal: Siding deteriorates as it ages and with the harmful effects of environmental elements, it may appear dirty and it may be difficult to clean or keep clean-looking. Having good quality siding enhances the over-all curb appeal of your house, which then increases its resale value.

Energy Efficiency: Insulated siding increases your home’s resistance to heat which leads to less consumption of energy. Even siding that is just ten to fifteen years old does not have the insulating value that today’s siding has. Currently, insulated siding is available as a type of vinyl siding. Another benefit of vinyl is it is very easy to clean.

Fire Resistance Quality: Siding can protect your home and its interiors from fire as there are siding made of non-combustible materials such as fiber-cement. Some home insurance companies also offer discounts when your house utilizes such type of siding.

Siding offers benefits which does not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, it also protects the structure of your house. In choosing the best suitable siding for your home, you may consult with Cooley Roofing. We provide a range of home improvement services aside from roofing in Winston-Salem NC. We are committed to providing you the best solutions for a home that is always beyond beautiful.

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