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Maintaining your siding is as important as keeping your roof and windows in great shape. This ensures that it provides superior protection for your investments. With fall just around the corner, you can be sure that the weather will not interfere in keeping your siding in good condition.

Tips on Keeping Your Siding In Great Shape This Fall

Here are some tips on maintaining your siding:

Conduct Repairs

It is important to repair your siding before you start cleaning it. Fall is a great time to repair do this project because the weather is more predictable. Take note that repairing your siding depends on its material. Doing repairs on wood, vinyl, and fiber-cement siding, can be challenging. It requires you to remove the damaged part while keeping the surrounding areas intact. On the other hand, use a cold chisel when removing crumbling brick and mortar. Doing repairs on stucco requires sealing the cracks and small holes using acrylic caulk. Apart from being Winston-Salem roofers, we can repair your siding. We can also install siding that can ensure your home’s protection against harsh conditions.

Inspect it

Siding is vulnerable to water in areas that coincide with windows, doors, and corner moldings. Look for deteriorated caulk, which leaves open crack where water can enter. Re-applying caulk during fall is advantageous because the mild weather will help dry the adhesion faster. If you have wood siding, check for chipped or peeling paint, as well as cracked boards and trim. Checking your brick siding for crumbling mortar joints is also a good idea. Nonetheless, there are siding problems that will require professional assistance. We can help you inspect your siding and assess its condition, which can help you make an informed decision on how to handle it. We also offer cleaning services that will help restore your siding’s quality.

Wash it Yearly

Siding accumulates dirt, grime, and other stains on a daily basis, which is why it is important to wash it. Use a cloth or a soft bristle brush and then start at the bottom working your way up. Doing this will prevent streaking, which can degrade your siding’s beauty. You can also use a standard garden hose with a sprayer to wash the dust and grime off it. You can also use a power washer to remove stubborn stains and debris. As your preferred Lewisville roofers, we also offer low-maintenance vinyl siding that will keep you from spending too much time and money for cleaning. In addition, it resists mold and mildew growth, which can be hazardous to your family’s health.

Maintaining your siding helps improve your home’s defense against fierce weather. Cooley Roofing has over 20 years of experience working in the roofing and siding industry and you can expect us to address your siding needs. For more information about our services, call us today on 366-766-6488.

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