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No matter what brand shingles you are considering, there are two primary shingles styles, 3-tab and architectural shingles. As a GAF Certified roofing contractor we’re going to discuss their shingles but most major brands have similar options. Choosing the right roofing for your home can add to its architectural style.

Three Tab Shingles

Most commercial homebuilders used 3-tab shingles on the homes they built up until recently. Some still use them but only on lower price point homes. These shingles look like rectangles set side by side. Some say they look like bricks on the roof. They lack dimension as they lay flat. GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed all offer options of 3-tab shingles for homeowners on a budget. The price is really the only benefit with these shingles. The disadvantages are that they aren’t as strong as other options and are very one dimensional looking. They are available in many colors and have up to a 30 year limited warranty from GAF.
examples of GAF's shingle styles

Architectural Shingles

Today’s most popular shingle is the standard architectural shingle. Rather than being cut in rectangles like the 3-tab, these are cut in different shapes and sizes in the shingle strip. This gives your roof a dimensional look. Within the architectural category, there are several designs.

  • Standard – the industry standard architectural shingle looks similar across all manufacturers. This is the architectural style that costs the least. Depending on the manufacturer, there are different options for color, wind resistance, impact resistance, and ENERGY STAR® options.
  • Slate – Many homeowners love the look of slate but not the price. Additionally slate roofing requires a heavily reinforced roofing structure due to its weight. If you want the look of slate without the price tag, consider the Camelot® roofing line from GAF, Berkshire® from Owens Corning, or Symphony® from CertainTeed.
  • Wood Shake – Many homes around Greensboro have homes that have wood shake. It’s a beautiful look but requires a lot of upkeep. Asphalt shingle manufacturers offer options that emulate wood shake without the maintenance.
  • Decorator – If you want a unique design on your home, consider one of the many options from GAF like their Monaco® roofing shingle that looks like old European clay tile or Sienna® classic diamond shaped shingle (as seen above), or the Grand Sequoia® with its stair stepped appearance. Other manufacturers offer scalloped shingles and similar looks to GAF with their own twist.

If you want the roof on your home to stand out from the neighbors, there are many options you can choose. Cooley Roofing and Construction wants to help you find just the right roof style and color that you’ll love for years to come. Give us a call at 366-766-6488 today for your free consultation.

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