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Winston-Salem NC roofing company shares evidence of a roof leakAlthough it’s clear that you have a roof leak when your ceiling turns brown, but there are many other signs that are easy to miss. Most of them will come from your roof but sometimes water damage comes from window and siding. Working with a Winston-Salem NC roofing company to determine the source of the damage as soon as you notice it will minimize the damage and repair expenses.

Your Flooring and Baseboards

Although most water damage to flooring and baseboards is due to window or siding issues, it may be a roof leak. Because water follows the path of least resistance, depending upon where the roof leak originates and the construction of your home, the water may come out under your baseboards and damage them or your flooring. If you notice the baseboards pulling away from the wall or your floors cupping or warping, call a company that understands siding and windows and is also a roofing company. They will know how to inspect all aspects of your home’s exterior and determine where the water is entering your home.

Your Walls and Ceilings

It’s common and understandable that when you see staining or even water coming in through your ceiling that you have a roof leak and should call a Winston-Salem NC roofing company. But just like the flooring and baseboards, a roof leak may show itself through damage in other places, like your walls. A commonly overlooked indicator is bubbling or peeling paint. When drywall gets wet, paint can’t adhere as it should. Another indicator is molding around doors that no longer lays flat. Lastly, and not as easy to spot is the sudden appearance of nail pops. This could indicate that the drywall became wet and dried.

Your Attic

If you’re not going into your attic at least once a month, try making it a habit. Checking out the roof and insulation are easy ways to spot a roof leak early. If you notice dark staining on the roof deck or joists, call a Winston-Salem NC roofing company for an inspection. Also check your insulation. When insulation becomes wet, it compacts. If your insulation appears to have shrunk, chances are good it got wet and you have a roof leak.

Roofing contractors in Winston-Salem NC offer free roofing inspection’s for your peace of mind. When you work with a company who is more than just a roofing contractor, like Cooley Roofing and Construction, not only can they inspect your roof but also your evaluate your siding and windows to help you know that your home is protected from the elements. If it’s time for a roofing inspection or you’ve noticed any of these warning signs of a roof leak, call us today for your no obligation inspection at 366-766-6488.

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