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window condensation doesn't always mean window replacementNot every case of window condensation requires replacement windows. There are completely explainable reasons for it and ways to prevent it sometimes. Over time, window condensation leads to mold, bubbling paint, and warped window sills, which can be frustrating and sometimes costly to repair.

Why Does Condensation Occur?

There are three places condensation can occur. Exterior condensation on the outside of the glass is tough to prevent. It forms because humidity is attracted to cool surfaces, like your windows. One suggestion is to try using RainX on your windows. It may cut down on the formation of condensation. Condensation between the panes of glass generally indicates an issue with your windows. You will likely need the glass replaced or an entire window replacement. If your windows are new, talk to your window company about your warranty.

Inside Condensation

The last type of condensation is that which forms on the inside of your windows. There are many things that cause this type of moisture, some of which are easily prevented. It’s most common with older windows where the seals aren’t as tight as they once were. If you have older windows, check the weather stripping in the windows and the caulk around them and replace if necessary.

Of course, humidity from the shower is one of the most obvious causes of condensation. You can help cut down on the amount by using the fan every time you shower. If you have a window that opens and the weather permits, consider opening it if you don’t want to use the fan. Both will allow the more humid air to escape before it has a chance to settle on the windows.

One lesser known cause of condensation is plants. If you have several plants near a window and it often has condensation, try spreading the plants around your home. It’s not common knowledge that plants release moisture and several close together can create excess moisture in one area.

If you have condensation on several windows and the temperature outside is moderate, consider opening your windows to balance the humidity in your home with the humidity outside. When the temperature is too cold or hot to open windows but not cold enough to run the heat or warm enough to run the AC, try running your HVAC system fan for a few hours to circulate the air in your home.

Window condensation always happens for a reason. If the reason yours is happening is old, drafty windows, Cooley Roofing and Construction can help. We offer leading ENERGY STAR® rated replacement windows for your home. Call for your no obligation estimate today – 366-766-6488.



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