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As the home’s main shield from the elements, roofs suffer a barrage of attacks from harmful UV rays, snow, ice, wind, rain, and other tough weather conditions. Roofs in Lewisville and other towns in Forsyth County, North Carolina, are currently being ravaged by the arctic freeze, which could spell disaster for roofing systems. Fortunately, with proper inspections and maintenance, your home’s roofing system can survive frigid weather conditions.

An article published by Sammamish Mortgage discusses some valuable roof maintenance tips that will keep residential roofs intact during the winter months. Inspections can be performed by homeowners themselves, or they can contact an experienced contractor from a reputable Lewisville roofing company, like Cooley Roofing, to perform the inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Listed below are some valuable maintenance tips:

Clean the gutters

Gutters control the water flow on the roof. However, when debris like fallen leaves, snow, and ice block these pathways, excess water can seep into the house and cause moisture damage. Without proper remediation, leaking ceilings, cracked foundations, flaking paint, and other structural problems could result.

Homeowners should remove any debris and dirt from their gutters by flushing out the gutters with a hose. Damaged gutters should be treated with sealant or fiberglass resin to patch it up. Moreover, using gutter guards can help prevent moisture-laden leaves and other debris from entering the gutter and potentially clogging it. Installing gutter guards can also reduce the amount of stagnant water, where mosquitoes and other insects can lay their winter-hardy eggs.

Inspect the roof for weak spots

A trained eye is needed when examining the roof for signs of structural damage and deterioration. Homeowners can perform initial inspections by examining the roof on ground level with binoculars. If they need to inspect the roof more closely, they should practice extreme caution when mounting ladders.

Missing tiles, loose shingles, sagging gutters, and signs of mold and decay are some of the warning signs that should alert homeowners to call skilled contractors that specialize inĀ roofing in Lewisville. Trained experts have years of experience, and can properly assess the condition of the roof and create a custom repair and maintenance program. Homeowners should do their best to protect their roofs from the elements, especially during the harsh winter season.

(Article Information and Image from Tips For Winter Roof Maintenance; Sammamish Mortgage; December 13, 2013)

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