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Your tenant count on you to properly maintain your building. The roof of your building keeps your tenants employees, inventory, customers, and equipment safe and dry,. If your commercial roofing isn’t well maintained, and you know it, you may be liable for their losses. When you have a commercial roofing company you trust who performs regular roofing inspections and maintenance, you protect not only your tenants, but your investment in the building.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

Have any of your tenants complained of staining on the ceiling, or worse, water leaking into their office? That’s a sign that you at least need a roof repair. Other signs that you may need a roof replacement aren’t as obvious. Walk around your facility and look at the gutters. If you see visible granules in the downspout, your roof may have reached its life expectancy.

Other signs are curling, buckling, blistering, or cracked shingles. Although roofing materials are made to withstand exposure to precipitation, UV ray, and wind, it does break down over time. A small crack in a shingle can allow water underneath and that can cause the buckling that makes your roof appear wavy. Areas around any roof protrusion, like a vent, and the edges of your roofing are especially prone to deterioration and damage.

Roof Replacements Benefit You

When your building looks good, your tenants are happier because their business looks better. When your building stands out as a good-looking property you will have more demand and you can charge more per square foot than an older looking property.

Good roof maintenance and roof replacements, when necessary, protects the rest of your building. Roof leaks can damage everything from the ceilings to floors and walls in between. When you neglect your building’s roof, it may cost you in repairs or lost revenue from tenants.

Call your commercial roofing company and ask for a roof inspection to determine if it’s time for a roof replacement at least once a year. If you don’t have a local commercial roofing company you trust, call Cooley Roofing and Construction, we can inspect and provide estimates for repair or replacement. 366-766-6488

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