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At some point in every home’s life the exterior requires more than just maintenance. If you’ve already sealed your windows and they’re still drafty, it’s likely time to replace them. Siding doesn’t last forever either. Wood siding eventually succumbs to rot. Even aluminum and vinyl siding eventually need replacing as well. When you realize that you need new siding and windows, you may want to consider replacing siding and windows at the same time. Although there is a bigger financial outlay up front, in the long run you will save money. Here are three reasons why replacing your windows and siding together is a better choice.

One Contractor – One Point of Contact

Good contractors offer workmanship or installation warranties. When you replace your siding and windows at the same time with the same company, you have just one company to call if there’s a problem. Sometimes separate siding and window companies will point fingers at each other rather than working together to solve the problem. Plus, getting the job done all at once saves the hassle of scheduling multiple companies at different times.

Complete and Comprehensive Damage Repair

When window or siding removal uncovers water damage, it’s easier to see and repair the damage than when the projects happen separately. If you replace just your siding, you may not see water damage around the window. You may also think that the damage is from loose siding when in reality it was your window, and even though you replaced your siding, the window continues to leak and you end up having to remove and reinstall the siding because of extensive damage down the road.

Cost Savings

In the above scenario, you can incur significantly higher repair costs than when replacing siding and windows separately. A bigger savings comes with the type of window your contractor can use. When the siding is off the home, you can choose new construction windows rather than replacement style windows because there is access to the window frame to install the new window. New construction windows are less expensive than comparable replacement windows. Plus, your contractor saves money with other things including rental dumpster for waste disposal and permitting (when necessary).

Replacing Siding, Windows, Gutters & Roofs Throughout the Triad

Although roofing is in our name, the Cooley Roofing team is also replacing siding, windows and gutters to homes throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas. We’re happy to provide you with a free quote for new siding, windows and a roof and gutters or just one or two elements that you need now. We offer many brands and styles of windows and siding. Just like our roofing products, you can be assured that we only sell and install leading brands of windows and siding. We offer hassle free financing if you had only budgeted to replace either your windows or siding now. Call us today to schedule your free quote at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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