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Don’t wait until you have water damage inside your home to call a company about new siding installation. Without much siding experience or effort, you can look at your home and decide if it’s time to replace yours. Although some are the same no matter what siding material you currently have, others vary by material. Here are the easiest to recognize signs that your siding may show before there’s damage to your home.

1.      Increasing Utility Bills Beyond What Was Expected

Admittedly the cost of heating and cooling has gone up over the past few years. However, if the difference in the usage you’re seeing isn’t reflected in the amount your heating and cooling increased, chances are your siding may be to blame. Loose siding and that which has water behind it leads to increased utility bills

2.      Cracked, Broken & Dented Siding

Vinyl and aluminum siding are most likely to be cracked, broken or dented. All can lead to a draftier home. You can’t simply repair vinyl and aluminum siding. And even if you happen to have extra pieces of your siding to replace it, you’re going to notice a significant color difference due to fading. Your best option in these cases is to call a siding installation company for new siding.

3.      Warped or Rotting Siding

With exposure to heat some vinyl siding will appear warped. This is actually melting which can happen when a grill is too close to the home or even when a neighbor’s windows reflect the sun’s light and heat onto it. However, it’s much more common with wood siding. Warped wood siding can’t seal your home against pests or water. And rotting siding can’t be repainted.

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