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If you know it’s time for a new roof and that you want asphalt shingles, you’ll have many choices to make. The first, and most basic is whether you want a 3-tab or architectural shingle roof replacement. If you’re not sure of the differences, keep reading, we think you’ll agree that architectural shingles are the best option.

Architectural Shingles Last Longer

Because they’re heavier and contain more material than a 3-tab shingle, they last longer. You’ll find that most architectural shingles have a higher wind resistance rating as well as impact resistance. That means you’re less likely to have an insurance claim with them than with 3-tab shingles. Because they contain more material, they also last longer when there aren’t any storms. Although how long a shingle lasts depends on many factors. With proper installation and maintenance, you’ll find that you may get up to twice the life out of an architectural shingle roof replacement than a 3-tab shingle.

More Options

Although the specific names vary by manufacturer you have many more options when you choose an architectural shingle roof replacement. Instead of just a few colors and one style, you can find twenty or more colors. When you look at all the leading manufacturers, you’ll find close to a dozen of style of architectural shingles. And, if you want a roof that will save you on your cooling bills, an architectural shingle roof replacement from one of the ENERGY STAR® qualified lines, will do just that. They also have options like stain fighting technology if you’d like to avoid the unsightly streaks that your current roof likely has today.

Yes, They Cost More

Although an architectural shingle roof replacement costs more than a 3-tab one, it doesn’t cost twice as much. The cost of installation is roughly the same. And, because they’re thicker, even if you don’t choose an ENERGY STAR rated shingle, you will likely save money on your heating and cooling. Once you factor in how much longer they last and the other benefits over the life of the roof, the per year difference is very little.

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