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new siding installationIf you’re working with a siding installer on new siding for your home, one of the things you may be worried about is the installation. Because few homeowners replace their siding more than once in the time they own their home, they’re not always sure what to expect. If you want it to be stress-free, here are three things to do before the day your siding installer is showing up to start work.

1.      Verify

There are three main things you want to verify before you sign the contract:

  • The scope of work – Meaning everything that your siding installer will be doing during their installation. This includes the removal and disposal of your old siding, adding an insulative house wrap, fixing any structural issues found after the old siding is removed
  • Products – Check that the brand, style and color of the new siding on the contract matches with what you’ve chosen.
  • Timeline – Although weather and manufacturing can delay a project, your siding company should set a start date.

Don’t work with a siding company that doesn’t provide you a written contract with these details included.

2.      Communicate

Your siding installer should communicate with you regarding drop of off materials prior to the start date. Remember, you’re the homeowner so tell them where you want the materials left, especially if they’re going to be in your driveway or yard more than a day or too. Also communicate with your neighbors. Letting them know what’s going on, how long it will last and that it won’t be quiet is a considerate thing to do.

3.      Plan Ahead

Siding installation is a noisy job that can last several days. If you have pets or small children, you may want to make a plan for them during the installation. Pets, especially those with anxiety or who don’t like strangers, will spend the day barking or anxious. Sending them to doggie day care or a trusted friend’s house for the day will save everyone a lot of headache. Plus, because the workers will be in and out of your yard, often with supplies, they may not always close your gate so you don’t want your pet running off. Scheduling play dates for the kids may give them a more enjoyable day too.

Choosing a siding installer isn’t always easy. Cooley Roofing & Construction wants to make choosing us stress-free. We’ll always provide a detailed written contract and communicate with your before and during the project so you can plan ahead. If you’re looking for an estimate for new siding, call us at 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form today.


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