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We understand that when you have a roof leak or something looks off about your roof that you expect us to say that you simply need a roof repair. Sometimes that is the case, but not always. Perhaps the most common roof repair misconception is that any roof can be fixed. There are a few others misconceptions we want homeowners to know and understand.

Your Repaired Section May Look Different Than the Rest of the Roof

More than once a homeowner has walked out after a repair and said, “You used the wrong shingles.” Roof repair companies do what they can to match your shingles. Most of the time, this roof repair misconception is from years of UV exposure. The shingles on the roof simply faded. There is almost always at least a subtle difference when we replace the damaged shingles with new ones from the same manufacturer and line. Occasionally, when a manufacturer discontinues a shingle, the roofer will give you the options of the closest match.

A Repair Isn’t Always the Best Option

There are cases where we can and will repair a roof, however, before we do we’ll share why a roof replacement may be in your best interest. Sometimes it’s the overall age of the roof and the fact that it will continue to have costly repairs. Other times there is significant damage that will lead to a cost for repair within 50% of the cost of a new roof. Finally, there are cases where we can’t repair the roof because too much of the surface and roof deck need to be removed and replaced for a repair to make sense.

Not All Roof Repair Companies Are the Same

As you research roofers you want to call for a roof repair estimate, you will read and hear many things. Some will tell you that you don’t have to pay for an estimate. That’s true, but here’s something to watch out for; many roof repair companies will come out, walk your roof and give you a number. However, the number they give you is an estimate. That means if they can charge you more if they find more damage. When you call a roofer who offers a roof repair quote, they can and will only charge you the amount on the quote. And, most roofers who charge for their quotes, subtract their trip charge from the quote. It’s much like electricians, HVAC companies and appliance repair technicians do when they come out to assess a repair need. Furthermore, not all roofers guarantee their work.

Call Cooley Roofing for a Roof Repair Quote

We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your roof. We’ll then provide you with a roof repair quote and stand behind our work guaranteeing that the leak is repaired. Yes, we do charge for our repair assessments, however, if you choose us for the work, that charge is deducted from the job. If you aren’t sure if you need a roof repair or roof replacement, we’ll discuss with you the pros and cons of both. And if a roof replacement wasn’t in your budget, we offer financing to help. Call us today at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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