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there are more costs invlvolved in a roof replacement thatn just shingles and nailsWe’ve heard from homeowners that the cost of a roof replacement seems out of balance with the cost of materials. However, few homeowners who try to price it out themselves remember these five elements that are included in the quote for your roof replacement. If you’re pricing out the materials, make sure to include these things when you compare the costs (and if you have a roofing contractor who has given you a bid much lower than the others, make sure they’ve included all these essential elements).

1.      Licensing & Insurance

Your roofing contractor pays for their license. It’s an annual cost for them and in order to maintain it they must undergo continuous training. If it’s time for them to take the exam again, they pay for that too. Liability and workman’s compensation insurance are costs they factor into every job. Granted they don’t charge you for the total of the fees but they do add a little to each job to cover their ongoing expenses.

2.      Permitting

Although not all municipalities require permitting, those that do charge for the permit. It’s not just a matter of walking in and filling out a few questions. A roofing permit application can be quite detailed and there is a fee associated that is passed on to you along with a charge for their time pulling the permit and filing for the final inspection.

3.      Overage

Did you get a quote for your roof and the roofer said your roof was X squares and you just priced exactly that amount of shingles? Just like flooring, your roof requires some overage as there will angles and edges that lead to some waste.

4.      Other Materials

Did you remember to include the cost of starter strips? Shingles for the ridge vent or replacement vents? What about flashing an sealant? Your roofing contractor included everything in their quote including any new plywood for your roof deck replacement if that is required due to damage.

5.      Disposal

How are you going to get rid of your old shingles? Your roofing company included disposal fees at the dump or the cost of a rental dumpster. The cost of disposing of shingles can really add up because they are very heavy.

There is a lot that goes into the cost of your new roof. If you have questions about a quote you received, talk to your roofing contractor about what they included in their quote. If you haven’t gotten one yet, call Cooley Roofing and Construction. We never have hidden fees or hit your with a bill for disposal after your roof replacement is complete. Our roof replacement quotes are free and all inclusive. Call 366-766-6488 today to schedule your estimate.


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