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Although you can buy the materials necessary for a DIY roof replacement, there are many reasons you shouldn’t. In fact, rarely is it even a good idea to repair your roof yourself. Roofing is a skill that takes years to master. Here are some reasons the financial savings aren’t worth the risks.

Tools & Time

Yes, everything you need for a DIY roof replacement is available at your local hardware supply store. But, is it worth renting or buying them? Here’s a brief list of what you’ll need:

  • Nail gun and air compressor
  • Roofing shovel to tear off the shingles
  • At least two types of hammers
  • Tin snips and caulking gun
  • Ladder and ladder hoist
  • Safety harnesses and proper shoes
  • Measuring tape, laser and chalk line tool
  • Rake, broom, and magnetic sweep

Plus, you’ll need a truck or a dumpster to dispose of the old shingles. Roofing companies usually plan one to two days for a roof replacement. How long will you need? Remember, they send a crew to work on it together. If you have willing helpers, you’ll need additional nail guns and air compressors. Renting just one nail gun and air compressor will cost you about $80 a day and over $300 a week and that’s just two tools you’ll need. Factor in what your time is worth and you’ll quickly understand that a DIY roof replacement isn’t going to save you money.

Will it Protect Your Home?

We train our installers, not only in industry best practices, but also so that they install each manufacturer’s shingles properly. Proper installation does several things. First, it protects your home. Your roof needs to keep the water out as water does significant damage. Second, it helps your roof last as long as it should. If you install your own roof and it lasts half the life it should, are you really saving any money?

Finally, only with a proper installation can you be assured that if there is an issue with the shingles that the manufacturer will honor their warranty. Can you be assured that you’re installing your shingles per the manufacturer’s guidelines so that their warranty applies? Of course, you miss out on any installation guarantee that a roofer would offer.

Climbing a Ladder is Dangerous Enough Let Alone Roofing

Even trained roofers fall off ladders and roofs every day. In fact, there are about 150,000 ladder related injuries in the U.S. every year. If you’re not use to going up and down a ladder with things in your hands, how are you going to get the job done? Especially since you’ll also need to walk along your roof. Roofing is the third most dangerous occupation. Don’t risk putting yourself in the statistics this year.

Trust Cooley Roofing With Your Roof Replacement & Repairs

If you thought that a DIY roof replacement or repair was a good idea until now, call us. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote that includes our workmanship guarantee and if you choose either GAF or CertainTeed shingles, you have options for warranties up to 50 years. If the cost of the roof replacement is the concern, check out our financing options. Reach us by filling out our contact form or calling us today at (336) 766-6488.

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