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water coming in from a roof leakIt’s one of the more inconvenient things that happen to our homes as they age. Of course, no one likes when their air condition goes out, but at least that doesn’t lead to extensive damage in your home. If you only discovered you have a roof leak because water is leaking into your home, it’s likely been there for some time. There are steps you should take to minimize the damage.

Prevent Further Damage

If you have water coming into your home, the first step you want to take is prevent further damage. Place a plastic tarp, shower curtain, or drop cloth on the floor and a bucket to catch the water. The purpose of the drop cloth is to catch any ceiling debris that comes down. Clean up any standing water should go without saying. Move any furniture you can out of the area, the further away, the better. It’s not uncommon for a roof leak to start in one place and spread.

Call Your Roofer

Call your roofer and schedule an immediate appointment. Explain the urgency of the situation as most roofers can fit in a roof leak emergency inspection when necessary. Once they arrive, ask for a detailed inspection of the damaged area both inside and outside. Ask what portion of the damage they can repair and what portion you’ll need to contact another company to fix. Also find out if the damage is likely the result of a storm and covered by your homeowner’s insurance. If it is, call your agent before starting the repair. Make sure they put in place any temporary fix (like a blue tarp) to prevent more rain from coming in.

Get the Repair Scheduled

Although your roofer won’t likely be able to fix the problem on that visit, you should schedule it for as soon as possible. Because there are so many color and style shingles on the market, your roofer will need to find the right ones for your roof leak repair plus any other damaged items. If the roofer you’re using doesn’t repair drywall or replace insulation, ask for a recommendation and get an estimate for that work as well.

Because we’re a roofer who is also a construction company, Cooley Roofing and Construction can handle all the roofing related repair and most of the rest of the issues we see. There are some services we don’t provide but we can advise you of that during the initial estimate. If you have a roof leak, or think you might, call us today before you have a larger problem. We can be reached by filling out our contact form or calling 366-766-6488 today.

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