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affordable roofing can look great and last, cheap won'tYou’ll find that whether you need a roof replacement or roof repair that the estimates you receive vary. There’s a difference between affordable roofing and cheap roofing. The difference in roofing companies can be extreme. Here are a few things to ask and look at as you evaluate you next roofing services so that you get affordable roofing rather than cheap roofing that needs servicing again.


This is perhaps the biggest difference in roof replacement quotes. Although you may specify a certain brand, color and style of shingle and all the roofing companies you speak with provide you with a quote for what you want, the estimates won’t all be the same. In fact, they can vary greatly. There is a difference in underlayment, nails and other essential elements of your new roof. If the quote isn’t detailed, be sure to ask whether they’ll be installing a complete roofing system so that your roof qualifies for the manufacturer’s warranty.


The manufacturer’s warranty only covers the shingles and other elements from the manufacturer against manufacturing defects. A guarantee from the installer guarantees the work for a specific time. Ask about the workmanship or installation guarantee or warranty and keep in mind that a roofer who isn’t locally based may not be able to honor their guarantee.

All Inclusive Estimate

This happens more often on roof repairs than replacements. You look at the different quotes, decide to go with the cheap roofer and they start the repair to surprisingly find a lot more damage that requires you to spend more than the other quotes. Make sure that a roof repair estimate is all inclusive and that the estimate is what you will pay. It’s understandable that you try to spend as little as possible. Few people budget for roof repair and want affordable roofing solutions rather than an outrageous bill.

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