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check in your attic to see if you need a roof repair company

Some people only go in their attic to get their holiday decorations and put them away. If that’s the only time you’re ever in yours, you should plan a trip up to do a visual inspection which will help you know if you need to call a roof repair company. Your attic can tell you a lot about your roof and your home in general.

What to Look For

It’s best to go into your attic during the day. Although attics aren’t especially light, in order to do a good inspection, you’ll want to be able to look during daylight. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Look up at your roof deck for visible light. You shouldn’t see any. If you do, you likely have a roof leak. Also look for dark staining or streaking on the underside of your roof. Sometimes water just barely seeps in and only shows itself over time.
  2. Use a bright flashlight to look at your insulation. It should be even and just about reach your trusses. If one area looks considerably lower than another or looks compressed, it’s likely been wet and that means it’s now ineffective. You should have a roof repair company inspect for leaks and then replace your insulation.
  3. Glance at your soffits. Your soffits run around the outside of your roof’s edge. They should be completely free of insulation or other debris. They should also be continuous so that pests can’t get in.
  4. Verify your venting and duct work looks good. Although your vents and ducts won’t often affect your roof, they can. If a bathroom vent, for example has a hole and releases the moist hot air into the attic, it can damage your roof deck and insulation.

Healthy Attic Means an Energy Efficient Home

When your attic is in good shape, your home is more energy efficient. Few homeowners realize that sometimes an increasing energy bill means an issue with their roof because of the damage in your attic. Inspecting your attic at least once a year can help you know when there’s an issue before it becomes a big expensive problem.

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