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best replacement windowsWe’re often asked the questions, “What re the best replacement windows you have?” That’s a tough answer because what is best for one home and family, isn’t always right for another. Although the replacement windows we offer are all ENERGY STAR® certified and will improve your home’s energy-efficiency, choosing the best replacement windows for your home really comes down to your personal preferences. Here are some things we talk to our clients about when they’re trying to choose new windows.

Window Style & Color

Most homeowners think the best option is what they already have, simply because they haven’t considered any other options. Not only should you consider how the windows open but also the grid that’s in those windows. The two most common window style people choose are between double-hung windows and casement windows. Both of these options give great air flow and are easy to clean, both the inside and out.

More than ever, people are forgoing the window grid or choosing a simple patter rather than the traditional six over six because they want their windows to let in more light and provide a better view. Color options are more than just white and off-white today. You can choose a color that better coordinates with your home’s exterior.


The best replacement windows really do come with a strong warranty. The warranty shows that the manufacturer stands behind the materials and the assembly. Ideally, you’ll never need to use your warranty but having one provides peace of mind.

Don’t just look at the manufacturer’s warranty, ask the installer about their workmanship warranty. When they offer a guarantee on their installation, you’re more likely dealing with a company who stands behind their work and will be able to take care of any problems that arise. Afterall, the best replacement windows can only do their job if they’re installed right.

Cooley Roofing & Construction Can Help

In addition to our expert roofers, we also sell and install new windows. Because we’re a construction company, we understand the importance of your windows and their proper installation. That’s why we only sell windows that we consider top of the line when it comes to quality. If you’re looking for an estimate for the best replacement windows, call us today for your appointment – 366-766-6488.

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