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Although not all storm chasers are bad roofers. Many are honest roofing companies just looking to keep their crews busy. However, that still doesn’t mean you should hire them for your storm damage, roof repair or replacement. With the remnants of Hurricane Ian bringing so much rain and wind in our area, there will likely be some legitimate and some less than honest storm chasers in our area in the coming weeks.

Why Avoid These Traveling Roofers

A storm chaser is also often called a gypsy roofer because they either don’t have a home base or they do but they chase storms. Although some of these storm chasers are truly qualified, trained and honest roofing companies, it’s still not in your best interest to hire them. Even if they do a good job and they offer you a warranty, they’re not available to honor it.

On the other hand, far more storm chasers are less than honest and not great roofers. Many of the gypsy roofers are scammers. They come to a storm ravaged area, tell a good story about their experience and how they just want to help the community and take your deposit and never come back.

How to Tell if You’re Dealing with a Truly Local Roofer

Because of overnight printing, UPS stores with rent by the month PO boxes and how easy it is to change a website, it’s a bit difficult sometimes to tell if a roofer is truly a local roofer. However, here are some things you can do to verify that you’re talking to local and honest roofing companies.

  • Check their state licensing – Are they licensed to do business in North Carolina?
  • Ask to see their insurance certificate – Not all insurance carries over state lines.
  • Look at their Google My Business, Facebook and other online accounts. Do they have images from the area, posts that reference local events or images that are local?
  • Don’t just look at the truck’s sign, check out the license plate. Is it a North Carolina plate?

Admittedly it’s easy to add a webpage that speaks to the local area, few roofers take the time to add your area throughout the entire website so that can be another clue.

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